Testing, Testing, Testing

It feels really good to be back in the darkroom and especially exciting as I settle in to a new darkroom, in a new city, in a different country.

A lot has been changing in my world and as I move on and reflect on these changes and begin processing my work again, it has really lifted my spirit, inspired me and brought sunshine in my heart during the dark cold winter days.   

I am currently randomly making some contact sheets and test prints and it’s been fun to just print what inspires me or reflects my interests and feelings as i set up in the darkroom for the day. 

It is always great to get home after a session in the darkroom and glance over any prints and test strips. Sometimes I find the test strips far more exciting and more playful to look at than the prints which I can obsess over and become critical about. In the darkroom the test strips are a sneak preview. I like to use them as book marks and they encourage me to study the image for a later more serious printing session.

As I placed these particular test strips on the table and some laid top of the others, I found myself weaving them together without thinking too much about it. I liked how the images worked well together and how the test strips became one, and are visual fragments of my life right now and how they all connect.

A kaleidoscopic snapshot of images that remind me of home and also make me question it. The twists and turns and feelings of being disorientated, lost, and am I moving forwards, backwards, sideways. These connections and changes that are evolving from a feeling of home and moving from one place to the next and how they are all entwined.

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