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Born in London, based in Stuttgart.

I'm a documentary, fine art photographer with a passion for cameras and capturing mostly images of people and places.

I have been taking pictures ever since my Dad gave me a Pocket Instamatic camera to take on my junior school trip to Paris, France.

Our mission was to climb up to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, my goal was to get some pictures from a great height. I leapt off the school coach to catch a full glimpse, no lifts working back then. With my camera swinging on one wrist and my lunch bag on the other, teacher and schoolmates ahead of me.  It was a miracle we made it up there, but better still, there in an instant I shot my 1st memorable pictures.

At 16, I began producing my first black and white prints in the loft.  Got myself a place at Art school and then the opportunity to specialise in Photography. Been hooked ever since. That’s when it really began to dawn on me ‘I was a Photographer’, it wasn’t a phase!

As far back as I can remember I've had a very curious nature. It has been my map in life. I've always liked to explore, be it close to home and wondering what is at the end of a street to taking myself on a trip, or travelling further a field.  I allow my intuition to do the walking and my cameras do the talking.

My heart still belongs to wandering around with my film cameras but digital is great too. I use different cameras on different days depending on my whereabouts and ideas or projects in mind.

I have exhibited some of my photographs and have some published works.  A selection of my prints are in the collections at The Bibliothèque Nationale de France.


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